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Prayer – The Rumour…

The rumour spread like wildfire!

People were saying that Jesus had emailed school and that he would be there within the hour!

Some people responded by saying it would never happen,

Others were sceptical and asked , “Why would he want to visit us?”

A small group of believers was hopeful. After all, two thousand years ago, he had promised his disciples that he would return at some point in time , hadn’t he?

The Head made everyone promise to pick up papers; the school grounds had to look in good shape.

The teachers made everyone promise that they would eb on their best behaviour; after all, the visitor would be Jesus himself.

An old man happened to be shuffling past the school.

He stopped there to ask for some directions because he was lost.

He asked for a glass of water because he was thirsty. He was ignored by everyone at the school because they were so busy in preparation for Jesus’ arrival. So he left.

Jesus never arrived the way the school had expected .

But , he did visit them…

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