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Travelling Nativity

Our Travelling Nativity 2018

Each class at St Stephen’s have their own prayer bag which is travelling around the class during Advent. The prayer bag is to help us remember the journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem. This journey was around 70-80 miles via the routes available 2000 years ago. Imagine having to make this journey without a car, train or plane!! This would have been exhausting for both Mary and Joseph. 

The prayer bag also helps us reflect upon Advent and how we are preparing for the birth of Jesus. The children are really enjoying taking their prayer bag home and sharing it with their family and friends. Please have a look at the beautiful photos that have been sent to school. 

Here is an Advent prayer you might want to share with your family during this special time of preparation. 

Gentle Jesus born Christmas day, 

In a manager filled with hay. 

We your Christmas children be- 

Help us now your love to see. 

Gentle Jesus come today

Be our shepherd, Lord we pray. 

Gentle Jesus, come this hour, 

Fill us with your love and power. 

You fell asleep in Mary’s arm, 

God kept you safe from all alarm. 

Gentle Jesus, come today, 

Be our Shepherd now we pray. 

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