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Y2 Cronkshaw Farm

Mrs Healey and Miss Leigh took their classes on an educational visit, as part of their Geography Topic, ‘Where Food Comes From‘,  to Cronkshaw Fold Farm.  The children were guided by Farmer Dot and Lisa through the daily workings of the traditional hill farm,  learning about the importance of the countryside for growing food and providing habitats for wildlife.

The children enjoyed meeting, feeding and petting the farm chickens and goats. They had great fun exploring the farm, walking through the bog, running across fields and searching for different grasses, whilst learning about trees and plants and discovering how to care for the food we grow, and how it grows.  It was amazing to see Flossie the Sheepdog rounding up the sheep!

A fantastic experience for the children, who made a great impression on the farm staff, astounding them with their knowledge of all things ‘green and eco’ and the care taken recycling their lunch packaging. 


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