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Forest School/Life Skills with Year 6

Our Year 6 children are being given the opportunity to take their learning into the outdoor environment of our school grounds.

Forest School/LifeSkills, currently led by Miss Rowlinson and Miss Platt, promotes and enables the children’s self esteem, well being, behaviour, co-operative learning and problem solving. It is believed that these skills then feed back positively into classroom work and other settings. 

On Friday, the children had their first session where they experienced some orienteering, grid referencing, and team building.

The session will be run every Friday afternoon, weather permitting!

Friday 5th October – Year 6 to the rescue!

Today the children continued to enhance their skills and created stretchers out of materials found outdoors.

Friday, 19th October ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’

We started this week’s session with a game of flying carpets.  We are developing our teamwork skills and communication ability.  Then, using our newly acquired talents from last week, we made and flew (some more successfully than others!) our own kites.  Most importantly great fun was had by all.


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