1. Introduction and Overview

What do governors do?

Governors are like a Board of Directors and make decisions about how the School is run. They meet at least once a term in School.

Who Are School Governors?

School Governors have legal duties and responsibilities. They can only act together, they cannot act individually. They are either:

  • Parents
  • Teachers or Support Staff at the School
  • Local Council Representatives
  • Diocesan Representatives (Foundation Governors)

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Decide what is taught
  • Set standards of behaviour
  • Interview and select staff
  • Decide how the School Budget is spent

The Sub Committees

Much of the work however is carried out in sub committees. More details about the Sub-Committees and the roles of the Governors can be found in section 3 below. 

2. Current Governing Body Information

Our Governing Body consists of 13 members (with 1 vacancy) and operates with 3 committees. Please find details of governing body members below:

 Governor Appointment Information    

Register of Interest


Governor Full Name Date of Appointment Term of Office (years) Appointing / Elective Body Relevant Business / Pecuniary Interests  Other Educational Establishments Governed Material Relationships (with staff or governors) 
Bernadette Mattison (Chair) 09/01/17 (re-appointed) 4 Foundation
Paul McGuiness (Vice chair) 24/07/15 Foundation Husband of TA
Fr B Wilson 01/09/17 4 Foundation
Vacancy     LA
Helen Warrender  27/03/15 Foundation –  – 
John Hawksworth 24/05/17  Foundation –  – 
Hannah Szoltesek 24/07/15 4  
Christpoher Sharples  20/03/18 Foundation      
Brendan Marley n/a n/a  Headteacher – 
Connor Lavin n/a  n/a Deputy Headteacher  –  –  – 
Laura Herbert 15/09/16  Staff –  – 

Pauline Duffy

01/04/18 4 Parent
Kelly Compton 25/04/17 4 Parent

3. Governors who positions expired or who left during 2016-2018

Governor Appointment Information

Register of Interest

Governor Full Name

Date of Appointment

Date Ceased Office

Appointing / Elective Body

Relevant Business / Pecuniary Interests

Other Educational Establishments Governed

Material Relationships (with staff or governors)

 Beatrice Smith      Parent  –  –  –
Carl Blake     LA

4. Governing Board Attendance Record

 Governor Full Name     Meetings (Y if attended)



  Full Meeting Committee          
  DD/MM/YY DD/MM/YY          
Bernadette Mattison (Chair) Y            
Paul McGuiness (Vice chair)  Y            
Fr B Wilson  N            
Helen Warrender  Y            
John Hawksworth  Y            
Hannah Szoltesek  N            
Brendan Marley  Y            
Connor Lavin  Y            
Laura Herbert  Y            
Kelly Compton  Y            

5. Meet The Governors

Bernadette Mattison – Foundation Governor

Elected Chair of Governors September 2016 – September 2018

I am an active member of St Stephens Parish Church with several roles including being a member of the Social Committee and I am proud to be a Eucharistic Minister. I have two daughters’ at St Damian’s RC Science College.

I became Chair when Father Fallon retired and this has led me to take an even greater role within school life, serving on several committees and visiting school on a regular basis for meetings with Mr Marley and Mrs Butterworth.

It is a pleasure to be part of St Stephen’s, all children and staff are very welcoming.

Paul McGuinness – Vice Chair

I have been a parishioner for around 25 years and married with three children that attended St Stephen’s and my wife currently works at the school. I have been helping with the sacramental programme (1st Holy Communion) for the last five years and this is my second year as a foundation governor.

I’m a community psychiatric nurse (CPN) in the centre of Manchester with Manchester Mental Health NHS trust and visit people in their homes who have enduring mental health problems as well as a union steward for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

John Hawksworth – Foundation Governor

I became a school governor at St. Stephens in July 2017. I’ve been living in Droylsden for the past forty years and both of my children attended the school as does my granddaughter. I am a practicing catholic and care very much about the parish and especially the school. I think that is because of my life experiences and working in my career and other public duties that I have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I can bring to the governing body that hopefully will assist the head teacher in ensuring that the school meets its obligations and that the children enjoy a happy and rewarding educational experience.

Helen Warrender – Foundation Governor

I have 2 daughters who attend St Stephens. we are practising Catholics and have been part of St Stephens parish for over 15 years. I work as an account manager for a successful, independent recruitment agency and prior to this was a senior business travel consultant for a leading global travel management company for over 16 years.

I am genuinely passionate about our school so, in 2016, I put myself forward to be a foundation governor as I want to help and support the school, teachers and children in anyway I can.

It’s important that our children learn in an environment where every child is valued and they get every opportunity to grow and develop so they can excel both academically and creatively and I believe this is something that all the teachers, senior leadership team and governors at St Stephens continuously strive to achieve.

Pauline Duffy – Parent Governor 

I have been a parent at St Stephen’s school for the last 9 years and having been a teacher for 15 years in secondary schools, I wanted to get involved with St Stephen’s governing body to offer my support, knowledge and experience to keep improving the school in order to make it the best possible environment for its pupils.
I believe that a good education is the key to success in life and opens the doors to many opportunities, and I want to be part of the St Stephen’s team who offers this to every child who comes through its door.

Kelly Crompton-Roberts – Parent Governor

I have been a parent at St Stephens since September 2016 and a Parent Governor since 2017. I have a career in the public services as an operational manager but the position also allows me to work with ‘inspiring the future’ where I help to inspire young people to think about what is possible in their futures.

I want to use my knowledge and experiences to help support the school with its vision and values and ensure it continues on its path of continuous improvement whilst making sure every child has a happy and enriching educational experience.


6. Sub-committees Information

The Governing Body has a number of Committes that meet every term. They include:

Finance and Staffing – meets half-termly. Members include: Chair – Mr McGuiness (F), Mr Marley (HT), Ms Khan (School Business Manager), Mrs Mattison (F), Mr Hawksworth (F), Fr Wilson (F)

Premises and Safety – meets termly. Members include: Mr Marley (HT), Mr Hawksworth (F), Mr Alcock – Site Manager, Mrs L Herbert (S) Mr Lavin (DHT)

Curriculum – meets termly. Members include: Mrs Crompton, Mrs Mattison (F), Mr Hawksworth (F), Mrs L Herbert (S) Mrs H Warrender (F)